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Sacred Events



A wedding is a sacred religious ceremony in which a man and woman unite in God's presence. Our church is available for weddings of members and non-members. 


Please contact the church office to check availability, schedule a tour of our facilities, and learn more about what Olivet can offer for your special day. 

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Holy Baptism is a sacrament of the United Methodist Church which represents a covenant between an individual and God. It represents our adoption into the family of God. 


Olivet UMC practices baptism at all ages and recognizes baptism by other faiths and churches; we do not practice 're-baptism.'

To learn more about our practice and scheduling a baptism, please contact us!



The death of a loved one is a difficult experience.  We hope to provide comfort as we minister to those going through such a loss.  Olivet's facilities are available to use for funeral, memorial, and celebration of life services.   

Please contact our office for more information about funeral arrangements and scheduling.


Olivet United Methodist Church

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